Double Tower Unit – 2.5m high Slide and Rope Bridge

Multi Play Units, Nature Play
About This Product

This expansive multi-unit allows a large number of children to enjoy playing simultaneously. This unit is installed on a hill mound with access steps up the mound.
Users can enjoy climbing, scrambling and sliding features all on the same unit. The inclusion of stairs with handrails develops all areas of children’s coordination and agility, particularly the upper and lower body strength. The runged ladder allows more advanced users test their balance and coordination. The platforms and bridge areas encourage imaginative play while the vertical rock wall offers a big challenge to older children. The 2.5m high slide is always a popular play item encouraging adventure and daring in a safe and controlled environment. At ground level the play house underneath the platform includes a counter area for imaginative play as well as rest. Somersault bars develop children’s gymnastic skills will encouraging healthy competition.


Please note, this unit can also be installed on flat ground with a 1.5m high stainless steel slide.


Code: T003 – H2
Material: Robinia Hardwood
Age: 3 years plus