Shillelagh Community Playground, Wicklow

About this project
This was a design and build project, catering for 2 age groups – Junior (2-5 years) and Senior (6-12 years). It was specified that the equipment had to be robust and able to withstand the local climate (wet and wind).

The majority of the equipment installed into the playground is Robinia Hardwood and stainless steel. Both materials are hard-wearing and maintenance free.

The equipment includes:

  • Various Swings – cradle swing, a 6 person contact swing and a basket swing
  • Cableway
  • Junior and Senior Multi Play Units
  • Seesaw
  • Hill Mounds
  • Etc.

The equipment also blended in with the natural look and feel of the area. For surfacing we used Tiger Mulch and rubber matting to preserve the areas around high volume equipment. The equipment was spaced out over the playground to encourage exploration and fitness.