Royal Cork Yacht Club

About this project

The brief from the Royal Cork Yacht Club was to create a maritime themed playground that would be suitable for children of all ages and abilities.  The playground is to offer a high play value and encourage imaginative and social play.


The equipment installed includes:
Coaster Ship – this unit offers a wide range of activities for children of all ages and abilities:

  • The stairs, with hand-grips, encourages climbing and balancing in young children.
  • On the Bridge there is a steering wheel, a telescope that can both turn and tip, a side panel with numbers that can be moved, a bubble window to look through and for a quick getaway there is an adjoining slide.
  • The Engine Room/ Galley under the bridge has a place with movable buttons, a turnable disc with handles and a respite bench. There is also a turnable disc pump and a sea chart with 3 movable ships that sail around a little island and another telescope that turns and tips. Even a coaster needs a GPS device these days. The buttons can be moved in different directions and this area provides opportunities for imaginative play as a cave or hideaway.
  • The is two scramble nets and a swinging rope at the bow of the boat which provides extra stimulus and play value.


Basket Swing – Children love swinging motions therefore a swing is always a popular item in any playground. Allowing for the interaction between adults and children the swing is an essential element to every playground. The basket is suitable for all inclusive play allowing children to lie fully supported within the basket. The use of natural Robinia hardwood with a “crooked” finish” makes this unit blend in with natural play areas.