Kaiser & Kühne Freizeitgerate

Kaiser & Kühne Freizeitgeräte GmbH was founded in March of 1988 with its headquarters first located in Drakenburg, close to Nienburg/Weser. Within the scope of expansion and the new construction of the factory involved, headquarters were moved to Eystrup/Weser in 1993. The company develops and manufactures playground equipment and large playground facilities for play and leisure activities, in particular for cities and municipalities, kindergartens and schools as well as recreational parks.


Thirty years of experience teamed with joy of innovation – this is what SMB is all about.

HUSSON International Group

Founded in 1960, the HUSSON International group is now one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of play and sports equipment. Providing safe, user-friendly playgrounds for children, multi-sports facilities for teenagers and street furniture and spectator stands for their parents are objectives shared by local authorities, designers and HUSSON International.


Houtplezier manufactures high quality and durable playground equipment from hardwood with an FCS certification. All elements of our playground equipment are selected and developed for optimal durability and life-span. Our playground equipment encourages a way of playing that develops important basic skills and it encourages them to stretch their limits.

Robinia Group Ltd

Since 2007, Robinia-Group Ltd, have been working with acacia (Robinia Pseudoacacia). Acacia is grown in Hungarian forests and with its static characters of the weather resistant acacia, this makes it an excellent source of material to build playground equipment.


Europlay nv at Dendermonde (B) stands for the highest quality heavy duty play equipment, built according to the European Standards EN 1176. Europlay normally uses environmentally friendly durable wood species like larch, douglas, robinia and oak. With the addition of in-ground metal base supports, no chemical treatment or impregnation is required.


RHINO is an international leader in the skate park market with offices in more than 18 countries and over 400 skate parks worldwide. Skating is the world’s fastest growing sport and is enjoyed by millions of skaters of all ages in every corner of the world. All skate parks are designed by skaters for skaters and adhere to the most stringent engineering and safety norms for skate parks construction in the world: the DIN Standards. RHINO is also one of the quietest ramps systems on the market. Professional sound measurement tests show that at a distance of 10m, the sound of a skateboard rolling on the ramp is quieter than average office noise.

Percussion Play

Percussion Play has created a diverse group of outdoor musical instruments which make perfect additions to an abundance of settings. Percussion Play instruments make musical expression accessible to everyone, everywhere. There is no need for musical direction and any combination of their musical instruments can be played together harmoniously, these are enjoyable and attractive musical instruments which you’ll want to come back and play again and again.