Water & Sand Play Unit

Nature Play, Sand & Water Play
About This Product

Water is a natural play element and playing with water helps to develop a child’s imagination and creativity. The sound, feel and motion of water appeals to children of all ages and abilities.
The water pump allows children to experience the labour required to pump water from a deep underground source. The slow release of water ensures that damage to the surrounding area is minimal and drainage always possible, ensuring a safe experience for all.
The water chute allows children to mimic the working world of adults as they distribute water from one end of the chute to the other. This unit introduces children to the basics physical laws of water. This water play structure encourages children to invest a great deal of physical and mental energy in order to complete the tasks they set themselves. The activities allow children the opportunity to mimic the working world of adults.
The combination of sand with this unit is also possible.

Code: Water Pump Chute & Sieve
Material: Powder Coated Galvanised Steel, Robinia Hardwood
Age Group: All Ages